Eventology: The Game of History Trivia for iPhone
Eventology: The Game of History Trivia
One More Roll - Dice Game for iPhone

One More Roll – Have a minute? Give it a roll!

One More Roll is a fast paced, push your luck game available for free on iPhone and Apple Watch. The gameplay is simple to learn, quick, and surprisingly addictive. Play by yourself or with a friend!



What People Are Saying

“It is a fun new twist from what I’ve experienced in the genre.  Not just brainless rolling – fun decisions based on odds.”
- Dave Coleson – thespiel.net

“One More Roll is an addictive, fast moving game all about pushing your own luck.”
- Ryan Poolos – RayWenderlich.com

Presenting One More Roll: Watch Edition

The quick, fun, and addictive gameplay of One More Roll is now available on your wrist. We optimized One More Roll for Apple Watch to support super quick game sessions without losing the engaging nature of the iPhone version. Play to 50 points against the AI in Parallel or Frenzy Mode. The combination of quick, simple gameplay plus fun strategy makes One More Roll the perfect Apple Watch game.

One More Roll: Watch Edition starts at $10,000 is a free game for Apple Watch.

One More Roll - Apple Watch Game